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At CENTURY 21 ALL-SERVICE, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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Mailing Address:
415 E. Main Street
Bedford, VA 24523

Phone: (540) 586-5500
Fax: (540) 586-5528
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Kevin Turner
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Kevin Turner
Phone: (434) 665-7575
Judy Rush
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Judy Rush
Phone: (540) 871-3131
Stephanie Miller Moir
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Stephanie Miller Moir
Phone: (540) 875-7359
Denise Lyons
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Denise Lyons
Phone: (434) 941-3711
Mobile Phone: (434) 941-3711
Tony Claytor
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Tony Claytor
Phone: (540) 330-9219
Carol Patterson
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Carol Patterson
Phone: (540) 875-8279
Andrew Potter
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Andrew Potter
Phone: (434) 219-7064
Mobile Phone: (434) 219-7064
Julie Bays
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Julie Bays
Phone: (540) 586-5500
Mobile Phone: (540) 400-1475
Brenda Barger
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Brenda Barger
Phone: (540) 520-5926
Lenore Wade
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Lenore Wade
Phone: (540) 586-5500
Cara Litten
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Cara Litten
Phone: (434) 316-2878
Mobile Phone: (434) 316-2878
Tammy Slusher
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Tammy Slusher
Phone: (540) 586-9743
Mobile Phone: (540) 586-9743
Linda Bohlander
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Linda Bohlander
Phone: (434) 851-1118
Cynthia Snead
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Cynthia Snead
Phone: (540) 874-4329
Mobile Phone: (540) 874-4329
Steve Rush
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Steve Rush
Phone: (540) 871-4021

*** Photographs provided by Tommie Milacci Photography. ***