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At CENTURY 21 ALL-SERVICE, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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Mailing Address:
20886 Timberlake Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Phone: (434) 237-7777
Fax: (434) 237-8264
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Monty Jennings
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Monty Jennings
Phone: (434) 907-3335
Melissa Murdock
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Melissa Murdock
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Jennifer Stephens
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Jennifer Stephens
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (434) 851-4888
Skye Blu
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Skye Blu
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (434) 944-8804
Donna Nott
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Donna Nott
Phone: (434) 610-4044
Jihee Goode
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Jihee Goode
Phone: (434) 401-4239
Mobile Phone: (434) 401-4239
Phil Webb
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Phil Webb
Phone: (434) 238-0764
Mobile Phone: (434) 238-0764
R. Jason Smawley
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R. Jason Smawley
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (434) 851-4111
Melissa Bragg
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Melissa Bragg
Phone: (434) 546-1407
Wendy Lindquist
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Wendy Lindquist
Phone: (434) 381-0180
Mobile Phone: (434) 381-0180
Gary Blount
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Gary Blount
Phone: (434) 660-8400
Judy Creasy
 Email JudyCreasy Contact Me   
Judy Creasy
Phone: (434) 942-1322
Claudia Medure
 Email ClaudiaMedure Contact Me   
Claudia Medure
Phone: (434) 665-6806
Shelia Klein
 Email SheliaKlein Contact Me   
Shelia Klein
Phone: (434) 239-2121
Dee Meredith
 Email DeeMeredith Contact Me   
Dee Meredith
Phone: (434) 841-8757
Tracie Hightower
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Tracie Hightower
Phone: (703) 994-8962
Mobile Phone: (703) 994-8962
Chris Hutter
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Chris Hutter
Phone: (434) 384-9690
Lucy Breeden
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Lucy Breeden
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Scott Roberts
 Email ScottRoberts Contact Me   
Scott Roberts
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (434) 610-1477
Gladys Attin
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Gladys Attin
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (407) 433-5585
Jim Martin
 Email JimMartin Contact Me   
Jim Martin
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Donna Burnett
 Email DonnaBurnett Contact Me   
Donna Burnett
Phone: (434) 444-4689
Kem Cobb
 Email KemCobb Contact Me   
Kem Cobb
Phone: (434) 610-5548
Mike Misjuns
 Email MikeMisjuns Contact Me   
Mike Misjuns
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Max Guthrie
 Email MaxGuthrie Contact Me   
Max Guthrie
Phone: (434) 941-4905
Roddy Burnett
 Email RoddyBurnett Contact Me   
Roddy Burnett
Phone: (434) 444-1414
Karen Brooks
 Email KarenBrooks Contact Me   
Karen Brooks
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Linwood Wilson
 Email LinwoodWilson Contact Me   
Linwood Wilson
Phone: (434) 942-8490
Butch Tweedy
 Email ButchTweedy Contact Me   
Butch Tweedy
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Glenn Whorley
 Email GlennWhorley Contact Me   
Glenn Whorley
Phone: (434) 221-5583
Sheila Burton
 Email SheilaBurton Contact Me   
Sheila Burton
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Wendy Knott
 Email WendyKnott Contact Me   
Wendy Knott
Phone: (540) 871-0977
Martha Howell
 Email MarthaHowell Contact Me   
Martha Howell
Phone: (434) 841-0230
Sandy Davis
 Email SandyDavis Contact Me   
Sandy Davis
Phone: (434) 944-5406
Frankie Viar
 Email FrankieViar Contact Me   
Frankie Viar
Phone: (434) 665-3373
Mobile Phone: (434) 665-3373
Shari Cucci
 Email ShariCucci Contact Me   
Shari Cucci
Phone: (434) 238-6701
Mobile Phone: (434) 238-6701
Matthew Barrett
 Email MatthewBarrett Contact Me   
Matthew Barrett
Phone: (434) 237-7777
William Winston
 Email WilliamWinston Contact Me   
William Winston
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Erich Crowson
 Email ErichCrowson Contact Me   
Erich Crowson
Phone: (434) 352-1692
Mobile Phone: (434) 352-1692
Cynthia Phelps
 Email CynthiaPhelps Contact Me   
Cynthia Phelps
Phone: (434) 942-3090
Mobile Phone: (434) 942-3090
Hailey Hermosa
 Email HaileyHermosa Contact Me   
Hailey Hermosa
Phone: (434) 420-8824
Mobile Phone: (434) 420-8824
Jean Woody
 Email JeanWoody Contact Me   
Jean Woody
Phone: (434) 846-8744
Eunice Paulett
 Email EunicePaulett Contact Me   
Eunice Paulett
Phone: (434) 385-8768
Jennine Scott
 Email JennineScott Contact Me   
Jennine Scott
Phone: (434) 946-0580
Vicky Cox
 Email VickyCox Contact Me   
Vicky Cox
Phone: (434) 221-7028
Courtney Pillow
 Email CourtneyPillow Contact Me   
Courtney Pillow
Phone: (434) 237-7777
Mobile Phone: (434) 610-9913
Roxanne Roberts
 Email RoxanneRoberts Contact Me   
Roxanne Roberts
Phone: (804) 313-1710

*** Photographs provided by Tommie Milacci Photography. ***